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Lake Bled has been a prime wedding destination for centuries. With its pristine lake, storybook island church and a medieval castle on a rocky cliff, its romantic appeal is truly beyond comparison.
Lake Bled is undoubtedly the most famous landmark in Slovenia. Its image can be seen on millions of postcards and Instagram accounts. Why? Because the place is that spellbindingly beautiful. Due to its unmatched beauty it's a perfect place for your dream wedding in Slovenia.

To give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, we simply have to tell you a little bit about this magical Alpine jewel.
A natural wonder or a place of legends?
Both. This picturesque glacial stunner is millions of years old. It was formed by a humongous glacier that was scraping down from the Alps, creating a valley in the process. A rocky obstacle made a stand and is still poking its head out in triumph: Bled Island.

Another story goes that the lake was once a meadow where fairies used to dance near a big rock in its middle. One day, a fairy got hurt on the sheep-grazed grass. The vengeful fairies called upon the mountain springs to flood the valley, and voilà, a magnificent lake with a fairy island!
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Pletna boat ride on Lake Bled
Take a pletna ride to Bled Island
The pletna is a traditional boat that resembles a wider Bled equivalent of the Venetian gondola. It’s been taking people to the island for over 400 years. Once on the Bled island, you’ll ascend the 99 steps to reach the 17th century church. It stands on the foundations of an ancient pagan temple. Sorry to say, there are no mountain fairies, but there is a wishing bell with a legend of its very own.
Bled Island wishing bell
Legend has it that a grieving widow lived in Bled Castle whose husband was murdered by bandits. Heartbroken, she melted down all her gold to make a bell that she would then donate to the church on Bled Island. Sadly, a storm hit Lake Bled just as they were transporting the precious bell and the boat sank. The grieving widow went to a monastery in Rome and when the pope heard her sad story, he donated a new bell for the church of Bled. Make a wish and ring it three times. Have a try!
Lake Bled island with alps in the back
Bride on Bled castle with Lake Bled in background
Incredible views of Lake Bled from Bled Castle and other cool viewpoints
The impressive medieval castle has been sitting on the cliff above Lake Bled for more than 1000 years and is the oldest castle in Slovenia. Bled Castle offers a spectacular view of the surrounding area. For a higher vantage point overlooking Lake Bled, a hike up to Mala and Velika Osojnica, two nearby hills, will present you with the most romantic panoramic views of Lake Bled and beyond.
Local must-see destinations around Lake Bled
Vintgar Gorge. This place is fantastic for a trip on a hot summer’s day. Carved by the cool Radovna River, this 1.6 km long gorge is adorned by vertical walls and takes you alongside emerald pools and rapids. The trail ends with a wonderful 13 m waterfall.

Slightly further on lies the peaceful Pokljuka Plateau, belonging to the largest forested area in Triglav National Park. Pokljuka is a popular destination in all seasons, with nice Nordic walking trails for cross-country skiing in winter and from spring to autumn, Pokljuka is a great destination for cycling, hiking and ascending to neighbouring peaks, including Mount Triglav.
Vintgar Gorge river and walking path
Bled famous dessert called
Bled’s famous treat
It’s impossible to talk about Bled without mentioning the heavenly local dessert – kremšnita. It is a symbol of Bled cuisine. How do you know it’s authentic? Kremšnita has to be cube-shaped (7x7x7), consist of gold-baked sheets of pastry made with butter rather than margarine, sweet vanilla cream, and just the right vanilla-whipped cream ratio. Fun fact: By October 2019, 15 million original Bled kremšnita cakes were made from which an 8-metre high wall could be built all around Lake Bled.
Lake Bled has healing properties
To be more precise, the north-eastern part of the lake has thermal springs which have been considered to have incredible healing power. People have been travelling from far and wide for centuries to soak in the thermal pools at Bled’s hotels. The thermal water under Grand Hotel Toplice can even be poured into a glass and drunk as it has superb effects on the body.
Hotel Toplice pool at Lake Bled wedding accommodation
There you have it. Lake Bled truly is a unique all-round paradise destination. From a history and culture steeped in legend, to the pristine nature that surrounds it and more, going on a holiday to Bled is exceptional. Getting married at Lake Bled, however… Now that’s just indescribably magical. Contact your Lake Bled wedding planner and make it happen!

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