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Get married on a beautiful island, a place of legends and good fortune.
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Why get married at Lake Bled Island

Sublimely beautiful views from the center of Lake Bled
An island full of magic, mystery and rich history
Ring the wishing bell for a long and happy marriage
A wedding venue like no other in the world
Bled Island with its cute ancient church symbolises the uniqueness of Slovenia’s cultural and natural heritage. The pletna boats have been taking couples from near and far to the island to exchange their vows for centuries. Tradition dictates that the groom carries the bride up the 99 steps to Church of the Assumption, where the newlyweds ring the wishing bell to have a long and happy marriage. Legend has it, it really works!

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I would not hesitate to recommend the Wedding Lake Bled team to any couple - they are the best! Our guests couldn't stop complimenting every part of the wedding day - the gorgeous Bled's landscape, the incredible Lake Bled Castle wedding venue, the beautiful reception venue, all the amazing food and drinks and the music at the party. Thank you again for everything!
R & N
Karin was able to help me with planning a perfect proposal. She has local connections that are really helpful. She sent me a list of photographers and then I picked the one which I liked the best. I proposed to my fiancé on Ojstrica Hill. There were some other people there but Karin talked to them so that they moved away. This meant that I was able to propose on the perfect location without people being in the picture. Karin is very helpful, comes with creative ideas and I can highly recommend her services.
S & F
Wonderful experience with such wonderful people. Choosing Karin as our Lake Bled wedding planner in Slovenia was definitely one of the best decisions we have made for our wedding. Her English was perfect, she was always available for our questions and she managed to accommodate all our requests. The whole team was professional and considerate. They understood what we wanted and were able to bring it to reality. Can not thank you enough!

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Wedding at Lake Bled Island

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Bled Island is likely one of the most unique and idyllic wedding locations in the world and one of the most charming places for a wedding in Slovenia. It’s a true Alpine wonder drenched in history, tradition and legends. It would be very hard to imagine a more romantic setting. Getting married on Bled Island is truly a magical experience. Quite literally. Want to know why? 

For that we have to take a trip into an ancient time when the spectacle that is Lake Bled first appeared. But as they say, there are two sides to every story, and the same goes for this one.

Bled Island holds the oldest secrets of Lake Bled

Apparently, this picturesque Alpine lake was formed by a giant glacier scraping down the valley millions of years ago. An enormous rock in the middle of the valley refused to budge. No matter how hard the glacier tried to flatten the area, the obstacle wouldn’t give way. And it’s a good thing it didn’t, for a tiny piece of it is still protruding from the water in triumph – Bled Island, the only natural island in Slovenia. If you believe it…

Then there’s another story of Lake Bled and its Island, and this one goes slightly differently. Lake Bled used to be a spacious, green meadow with a colossal rock right in its centre. During the night, fairies would gather at this rock to dance. A fairy’s disco rock, if you will. The problem was, shepherds from the nearby villages would send their sheep to graze on the meadow, which made the grass rough and hard and dangerous to dance on.

Despite the fairies’ request to fence off their party place, the shepherds refused, and one day, a fairy tripped and hurt herself terribly. Her fellow fairies were furious. They called upon the mountain brooks to flood the valley. And so, the magnificent Lake Bled was born and the fairy rock turned into the enchanting (and perhaps enchanted) island we see today.

Bled Island is a sacred place of mystery

Whether it was a group of vengeful fairies or a glacier that threw in the towel too soon, Lake Bled and its pretty island are here and they’re fantastic. But that’s not the end of our story, so let’s list a few more reasons why Bled Island should be the beginning of yours.

Long before the church on the Bled Island, a temple dedicated to the pagan goddess of life and fertility was built there by ancient Slavic tribes. In the year 745, it was replaced by a church, dedicated to the birth of Mary. It wasn’t until a staggering seven centuries later that a single nave was built on its foundations in Gothic style. The special feature of this church was its 52-metre high free-standing bell tower.

The church received its current baroque image in the mid-17th century. In addition to the chapel of Mother of God, the famous 99 steps staircase was also built during that period. Tradition still dictates that the groom has to carry the bride up all those steps to ensure a healthy marriage. Don’t worry, Bled Island has plenty of magic as it is, so skipping this part won’t damage your chances. In fact, there is yet another tradition, which we do recommend you follow.

A Bled Island wedding is a wish come true

Whether you plan on having a civil or church ceremony, the wishing bell simply has to be rung! Legend says, a young widow who lived in Bled Castle wanted to have a bell installed in the church after her husband’s death, but a storm sank the boat carrying the bell. So, the widow gave up on the idea and left to become a devout nun in Rome. After her death, the Pope himself commissioned a new bell to be placed on Bled Island in her honour. It still grants wishes to this day.

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