How to get to Lake Bled

Slovenia’s small size makes it easier to travel around it. Explore the most convenient ways how to get to Lake Bled, the alpine pearl of the country.

Slovenia is relatively small, which means it is quite easy to reach most parts of the country. Bled is not an outlier with a location near the centre of Slovenia, which means there are many good ways to get here. Let’s look at the best.


By Bus

Because it's a popular tourist destination, Bled has an above-average amount of buses driving there each day. There's at least one going every hour from Ljubljana, taking a little more than an hour to get there. Some of these buses also stop at the Ljubljana Airport.

By Train

There are two stations at Bled — Lesce-Bled and Bled Jezero. Both stations are around 4 kilometers from the city centre, so we recommend you take a taxi to reach your final destination from there. We recommend the train to Lesce-Bled since it is faster, you don’t need to switch trains on the way, and you can also take a bus to get to the city centre.

By Car

The easiest way to go to Bled is by car. There’s a highway most of the drive, except for the last few minutes to the city centre. It takes around 45 minutes to get there from Ljubljana. Follow the highway to the northwest towards Kranj and past it for around 35 minutes. Exit the highway at Lesce and drive for another 10 minutes, following the many signs for Bled.

By Plane

Ljubljana Airport

Bled is only a 20 minute drive from the Ljubljana Airport. Some of the hotels offer airport shuttle service. Alternatively we recommend you take a taxi or hop on one of the many buses that go the same way.

Other nearby airports

  • Venice (Marco polo) airport 130 km from Bled
  • Venice (Treviso) airport 260 km from Bled
  • Zagreb airport 200 km from Bled
  • Salzburg airport 230 km from Bled

To get from any of these airports to Ljubljana, we recommend either renting a car or booking a minibus with Go Opti.These are the best ways to get to Bled for your perfect wedding. But don’t worry, if nothing here suits your needs or you need some help, contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you with the organization of your transport to Bled.

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