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Eternal moment, Ana & Luka


We are Luka and Ana, a young couple in love with photography, emotions, life and each other. We specialize in wedding, couple and elopement photography. We believe that a wedding day is one of the most intimate events in the lives of two kindred hearts.
We try to leave a little bit of ourselves in every photograph we make, to capture the spontaneity and pure emotions, the essence of your wedding day and all the big and small moments, that make your day whole. We don’t just want to take photos. We want to create a story, a fairy tale, a creation and make every single photo a piece of art that will bring back emotions and memories of your special day every time you look at them.

Tomaž Kos


I've been taking photos since around 2013 and this has been my full time "job" from 2017. Being a wedding photographer is like nothing else and I feel quite privileged this is my profession. My whole brand is about a relaxed, easy going atmosphere, whilst being professional and delivering high quality work. I'm very resourceful, communicative and overall, good company to be around. I only do 10 - 15 weddings a year and a third of them are abroad, destinations... My goal is for all the wedding couples to be from foreign countries, since I feel this is the best way to experience different cultures and make new friendships from around the world.

Nika & Grega


If there's one thing you need to have on your wedding, it is fun! We're Nika and Grega and we've been photographing beautiful love stories all around the globe since 2014. Lake Bled is one of our favorite places since it's straight out of a fairy tale. We love colors and strive towards keeping them as natural as possible. Our style is a blend of both of us - Nika, the romantic, and Grega, the technician. There are so many rewarding aspects of photography, but the best by far is when couples let us in. Into their little world where they can be themselves. And love, feel, be - without any hesitation or restrictions. There's nothing more rewarding then being part of someone's story, to give them precious memories and capture moments in time that are gone so quickly.

Nastja Kovačec


Thank you so much for considering us as your wedding photographers among all the amazing creative photographers. We are a team of two and we strive to capture all the passing moments of your wedding day in a timeless and romantic way. We are hybrid photographers and ofter combine digital and film photography. Our approach to photography is fine art and organic, inspired by natural light and people in love.
We love to travel and often find inspiration in the beautiful cities we visit.
We are looking forward to meeting all of you in our beautiful country - Slovenia.

Sanja's visuals


Hey, I am Sanja and I believe in memories, the everlasting moments that will be with you forever. Memories guide us in the past for a few seconds to wonder off as a quick reminder. With my photography work I take care that memories don't fade and bring a smile and tears to our faces. My work is romantic, sensual and dreamy. I mainly prefer to create with natural light and catch genuine and spontaneous moments. I have my own way with those who need a bit of relaxation on a wedding day. I will be honored to take photos of your day. 

Nina Premk


Hello! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to view my work and photos.

My name is Nina and I have been in love with photography since elementary school. I have been involved in professional wedding photography since 2015. I love wedding photography because for the most part it is a day full of joy, happiness, sincere love and positive energy. It also seems to me that the profession of wedding photographer is one of the best jobs, as the couple trusts you and you are part of one of their most important days in life. I love my »true to life« colours and by adding warmth and contrast, I really highlight the moment in the photo. My first choice is always natural light but I can also work with artificial lights. Since I am passionate about travel, I would be happy to travel with you to your chosen location. I believe that every wedding is unique and special, no matter what.

Miloš in Nataša


It was a rainy Saturday evening. Our eyes meet. It was a love on first sight. We build a small house on the hill above Ljubljana. It’s in the middle of forest, but very close to city. This way we can enjoy silence of nature and have all the privileges of urban life. We have one daughter. She brought so much joy and love in our lives. On evenings we sit on our terrace, enjoying amazing view to our capital city. Sometimes alone, sometimes with our friends and family. All those endless city lights, glass of wine, nice music…sometimes life is so amazing, that we wish to stop the time. With our photography we can do that magic, we can stop the time for a moment.

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