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Offer that provides everything: wedding bouquets, corsages, flower bridal crowns, boats or carriages, flower arches, church and venue decorations, etc.

Dreamy Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet & Wedding Flowers

Team shares a love for working with plants, especially those that bloom and are full of color and breathtaking fragrances. Adding an artistic touch and some decorative materials makes our floral studio burst with creativity. Dreamy floral creations, full of detail, thoughtful shapes and color combinations are a part of our daily schedule. The shapes, the colors, and the materials, we choose, are inspired by current global trends.

When choosing a wedding bouquet, we first have to consider the wedding style that you have decided for (romantic, natural, minimalist, elegant, modern ...). The season, in which the wedding takes place, the color and the silhouette of the dress, the bride’s hair and eyes, as well as her physique, are all important features contributing to a final decision. These details help us adjust each bouquet to suit the bride so that it looks especially gorgeous in her hands.

Omers Flower Shop

Wedding Decoration & Style, Wedding Bouquet

Since its very beginning in 1968, Omers Flower Shop has striven to combine experience, youthful energy, different trends, and a great love for flowers. We are happy to provide beautiful decorations for large events as well as more simple formal occasions. Our creative team will listen to your ideas and plans in order to create beautiful flower arrangements that suit your personal style and wedding theme. Slovenia is a small and beautiful country and our flower shop is located right in its heart, making every wedding destination close at hand. Bled, the so-called jewel of Slovenia, is one of our favourite destinations. We will happily decorate your venue with our flower arrangements, be it in Bled or some other wonderful part of our country that has caught your eye. We will provide everything: wedding bouquets, corsages, flower bridal crowns, boutonnieres, wedding decorations for the cars, boats or carriages, flower arches, church and venue decorations, etc. Many satisfied couples have already enjoyed our services and we are confident that you will not be disappointed if you give us the opportunity to impress you and your guests.


Wedding Bouquet & Wedding Flowers

We are the Dutch florist in Slovenia with the largest selection of flowers in one place. We are aware that a wedding day is something special, and that is why we pay special attention to you when planning a wedding decoration. We can recreate everything that you would like. We can take care of the entire wedding decoration, from boutonniere to the bridal bouquet, table decoration, cake decoration ...


Wedding Bouquet & Wedding Flowers

You may want to keep your bouquet forever. It is possible to have a ‘zero waste’ wedding. Your favorite flowers are available at any time of the year. Pollen-sensitive will be grateful. Every unusual wish is achievable. There are no unpleasant surprises with pre-made arrangements. This is achievable with artificial flowers. Florent allows you to purchase floral
creations forever or save by renting them for the event. Choose from ready-made arrangements in the catalog or design your own collection. Durable, pre-made and versatile products allow you to receive them in
advance, to express your creativity and decorate yourself, to choose fewer products that can be used in different locations. You can also let yourself be pampered and Florent will surprise you with the wonderful decoration of your special day. Let there be one worry less, the flowers are already prepared.

Let us help you design & organize an unforgettable Lake Bled wedding

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We offer a list of fantastic Lake Bled wedding packages and gorgeous venues located around this idyllic Alpine jewel. Our professional wedding planner will be with you every step of the way to guarantee an exciting, stress-free, all-inclusive organization of your dream wedding.

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