10 things you should know if you’re getting married at Lake Bled in Slovenia

It’s done, you have decided to have your wedding at Lake Bled. Here are the 10 things you should know before coming here to spend your big day.
Karin, Lake Bled wedding planner
Karin ČemažarKarin, Lake Bled wedding planner
Published: May 4, 2020

Close your eyes and picture the most beautiful day of your life – your wedding day. Fairytale scenery of the alpine Lake Bled with its island in the middle, green colour of the vast surrounding forests, and majestic white mountains surrounding this beautiful jewel.

If you prefer video then check this summary video below that I prepared for you. Otherwise keep on reading.

Lake Bled is arguably one of the world’s greatest hidden attractions and many people have promised their eternal love in this magical place.

1. Lake Bled has wonderful wedding venues

Bride and groom by the Lake Bled
Bride and groom by the Lake Bled

Bled offers several excellent wedding venues. The most popular ones are Bled Castle, Bled Island church, Vila Bled, Grand Hotel Toplice, St. Martin’s Parish Church, Lake Bled Town Hall and various other churches of the Bled’s surrounding area.

2. Lake Bled is perfect to get married in any season

Lake Bled island with the Bled castle in the background
Lake Bled island with the Bled castle in the background

The best and most popular months to get married at Lake Bled are at the beginning and at the end of the summer. However, other seasons of the year can be just as perfect for your wedding, and they have many other advantages.

In autumn you can enjoy the magical scenery of the golden-brown colours of the surrounding nature. Winter, on the other hand, offers a white wonderland scene with snowy surroundings and countless fun activities, such as skiing and ice-skating.

If you choose to get married outside of the peak season it will also likely be easier to book a wedding planner, your preferred wedding venue, accommodation, restaurant, church etc., because there is less demand for those dates. Besides that, many of the costs are lower outside of the peak season, and Bled, in general, is less crowded by tourists.

3. You can get married any day of the week

Bride and groom walking and smiling with group of guests at Lake Bled wedding
Bride and groom walking and smiling with group of young guests

It's not always a must to get married on a Saturday. If it’s convenient for you and your guests, it may be a good idea to arrange your wedding on a weekday. The venue, restaurant and accommodation costs may be lower and you can find better accommodation facilities less busy with tourists and daily visitors.

4. What if it rains on your wedding day? Don't worry!

Bride and groom at their Grand hotel Toplice wedding
Bride and groom at their Grand hotel Toplice wedding

We suggest choosing a venue with a backup room in case of rain. The location you both have fallen in love with might be perfect on a beautiful sunny day and a starry night, but the indoor part of the venue might not enthuse you and your guests.

In line with the “better safe than sorry” attitude, we suggest you check whether the venue has both outdoor and indoor settings that fit your taste so that in case of bad weather you have nothing to be worried about.

5. Trust your Lake Bled wedding planner

Lake Bled wedding planner with bride
Wedding planner with the bride

If you hire a wedding planner it can save you a whole lot of time and stress. They can help coordinate the entire day, help with your budget, legal contracts, and keep everything on track. They also know the best venues and suppliers that they trust and will be able to get you a vendor discount.

Planning a wedding is not a simple undertaking, so you’re probably going to have many questions and concerns throughout the process. You should feel comfortable to confess all your doubts and questions to your wedding planner and they will keep things easy for you and organize the wedding up to your expectations.

After all, this should be the most beautiful day of your life, so make it perfect and stress-free!

6. Visit the wedding venue before the ceremony

Lake Bled wedding accommodation Vila Bled
Vila Bled terrace

If you’re organizing a destination wedding at Lake Bled you should plan to come to Slovenia a few days prior to your ceremony. This will give you some time to settle down and to visit your wedding venue before the actual ceremony takes place.

If you hired a wedding planner you should visit the venue together and go through the whole wedding plan, the bride’s entrance, the seating, etc. If possible, you should even try out the menu, meet the restaurant staff or the caterer, anything you can do to make sure that you will have nothing to worry about on your big day.

7. Bled offers exciting tourist attractions

Lake Bled and Bled Castle from Air
Lake Bled and Bled Castle from air

When visiting Bled, you should definitely visit the majestic Bled Castle on a steep cliff above the lake. The walk to the top of the cliff will only take about 10-15 minutes. It does include some steep stairs, but the incredible view from the top is well worth the effort!

The romantic Lake Bled Island is one of the most popular places for foreigners to visit. Despite its small size, Bled Island has a rich history and many mysterious stories to discover. The symbol of the island is the Church of the Mother of God to which leads a monumental staircase with 99 steps.

If you feel sporty, you can rent a SUP and paddle on the lake all the way to the island. The easiest and perhaps most romantic way to reach the island though is by a traditional 'pletna' boat. Don’t forget to ring the bell of desire on the island and make your wishes come true!

You can also go off the beaten path with electric bikes. Get a local guide who will take you to the lakeside ride where you’ll visit hidden spots with the most amazing views of the lake. Or ride down the majestic forest trails in the heart of the Triglav National Park, through one of the most beautiful forested karst plateaus in Slovenia - Pokljuka.If you’re an adrenaline junkie then you can enjoy a safe, adrenaline-filled whitewater rafting on the stunning Sava River. If you are more of a sit-down cultural type, however, then you can join a delightful wine tasting and find out all about Slovenian supreme quality wines.

8. Bring some Slovenia into your wedding

Bled famous dessert called "Kremšnita"
Bled's famous cream cake called "Kremšnita"

You’re getting married abroad for a reason – make the very most of your special destination and let it influence your ceremony. It's always nice to add something local, for example, you can choose a local craft for the wedding favours or serve local food and wine. There is no meal or event in Lake Bled without a cream cake or ‘kremšnita’, as the locals call it. It’s a symbol of Bled gastronomy.

In other words: make your wedding in Slovenia even more exciting by adding something unique and traditional to it.

9. Make sure to book the wedding venue well in advance

Lake Bled wedding planing with notes and calendar

Wedding venues at Lake Bled are in high demand, especially during peak season. Do you have a very specific date in mind for your wedding and you’ve already decided on the perfect venue? In this case, we recommend booking it two years in advance, just to make sure it will be available. For most dates and venues, however, one year is usually enough time to start planning. Especially if you have some flexibility.

Don’t forget to book accommodation for your guests as well. Or to remind them to do it on time. Keep in mind that Bled is a popular tourist destination, therefore it is recommended to book the accommodation about six months before the wedding day. 

If you decide to hire a wedding planner, then one of their tasks is also to take you, as well as your guests, through the whole booking process to ensure that they do not miss any important deadlines.

10. Don't forget your passport!

Bride posing on the Bled Castle terrace
Bride posing on the Bled Castle terrace

At least a few months before your big day make sure that your passport doesn’t expire before the ceremony. Ensure also that your flights are booked under your maiden name or whatever matches your passport information. You might be caught up in the newlywed whirlwind, but don’t put a return flight in your new married name if you haven’t changed it by deed poll yet.

Make sure to communicate to your guests to check on their passports as well. You don't want your maid of honour to be left at home.

Hopefully, this post gives you some useful insights for your Lake Bled wedding and some useful tips for what to do and what not to do. Now it's time to roll up our sleeves and get started with work. We wish you the best of luck and all the happiness on your wedding day!

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